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Vouch Style 01 – Furniture & High Fashion

Power Behind the Throne

Throughout history, the throne of the Empress Dowager has been considered a sacred seat for the powerful ruler. In today’s world, the throne is the centrepiece of the home – the perfect seating fit for the queen that you are.


Colonial Fashion

There is something so elegant and classic when it comes to antique or vintage inspired designs. Interspersing art with colonial furniture, this timeless, retrograde concept was born.


Think Outside the Box

Pops of colours, textures play and the right lighting truly lets the imagination ru n wild. We’ve taken it to the next level by creating a visual feast in an uncanny location – the back of a truck.


Addicted to Leather

Whimsical. Captivating. Curious.
Colour is an absolute protagonist here as it truly brings out the fabulous personality, while the versatility of leather complements the overall texture and style.


Industrial Chic

It is not a coincidence that creatives are often inspired by chaos. There is something unbelievable, raw and wild about shooting high fashion in a textile factory where just nearby, routines and schedules run systematically every day.


Celebrating the Furniture & Fashion Union

Fashion and furniture design have often walked the same creative paths, tapping into inspirations with highly complementing outcomes. Whether it’s fashion for you, or fashion for your home, the possibilities are endless.



Behind the Scenes

There’s No Limit to Fashion & Creativity
We’ve always believed in pushing boundaries to create concepts that constantly “WOW” the masses. Fashion is not something that exists in clothes only; it can be found in everything around us – from our ideas, to the way we live and even in furniture. With the right vision and the right team, stagnant pieces of furniture are brought to life with high fashion elements to boot. Special thanks to the entire crew who made this furniture & fashion styling and photoshoot possible!

Main Production: Vouch Alliance
Media Partner: VOUCH Branding Strategy Magazine
Styling & Wardrobe: EVOGUE Hair & Beauty Studio Academy (Elvin Soh & team)
Hair & Make-Up: EVOGUE Hair & Beauty Studio Academy
Model: Emma Claire Ripley
Photographer: Live Gallery Wedding (Gary Chong & team)
Product & Venue Sponsor: Islandlife Sofa & Best Home Furnishing


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