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TWC Press Release


Jubin BMS has been in the Malaysian market as a trading house for building materials since 1990. Jubin BMS prides itself in mostly importing building materials creating a channel, bringing the world closer to our doorsteps. We import from Thailand, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam. To better improve ourselves, we have increased our network all the way to Italy, importing both tiles and sanitary wares. Our brand supplier whom we’ve been working with for more than 20 years is Cotto. They are a subsidiary from the leading conglomerate in Thailand called Siam Cement Group. They are one of the biggest manufacturers of ceramics in the world. Cotto started in 1984 produces both tiles and sanitary wares, however in the past recent years they decided to become a global brand. Therefore they went to Italy and joint ventured with an Italian factory called Florim, thus producing a series called Cotto Italia. Another of our brand supplier is called Fima Carlo Frattini, whom is also from Italy. Fima was started by Carlo Frattini and has a heritage of more than 50 years. They are one of the trending leading brands for Kitchen and bath mixers, fusing together designs, aesthetic and functionality.



With all these premium products, the current platform that Jubin BMS has would cause the values of these premium products to be misunderstood. Therefore Jubin BMS decided to create a platform with different values, brand and ideals; something fresh and out of the box which our patrons could immediately relate and have a deeper understanding. TWC is not just a platform which only tells the story of the values which these brands portray, but a concept that directly correlates to the core emotions of these identities. Thus TWC was born, separating very clearly the ideals, goals and objective from the parent company. This allows TWC to explore possibilities never ventured before, giving it a breath of fresh air. TWC stands for Top World Concept, it is a world class collection for your dream home. With a deep understanding of people’s lifestyles we strive to curate top quality and trend inspiring pieces for the boldest, brightest and quirkiest of tastes. Our aim is to bring together the world’s finest surfaces and sanitary wares on to a single platform that provides your home a unique and vibrant experience combined with conceptualized art forms of simplicity and abstracts of natural elements.



Here at TWC, we aim to inspire, build a platform to share and create a vibrant sense of space. We aim to provide the finest and most innovative surface covering materials and sanitary wares. We aspire to trend lead and set the bench mark for the industry to follow. Not only is it a space for people in search of building material it is an art gallery to develop a better understanding of aesthetics and innovation. TWC is an ever-revolving space where it never settles. With its understanding of the basic raw elements, it will always hunger for something new, bold and refreshing.


The tile levelling system allows tilers to achieve high quality finishes by ensuring that the tile is levelled and to prevent lippage while the mortar is curing. The installation system consists of the clip and the wedge, engineered to level, align, space and hold the tile during installation.

After spreading the adhesive and remove excess mortar from the tile edges, insert the clips underneath. Space the clips as per the distance required between joints.  Insert the wedge into the clip’s support slot and adjust the tile gap to the desired level. Place the crosses at intersections to adjust the spacing, if required. After the adhesive is set, the clips can be removed easily by using a mallet or simply knocking them out.




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