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The Man Behind The Sofa


A Sofa is More Than a Piece of Furniture

Striving to succeed in their pursuit of success through dedication and professionalism, IslandLife seeks actively to meet customer expectations and needs through its ready-made selections and custom-made designs. The man behind the design, Mr Chan Chee Yong, respectfully known as Master Yong, understands the nitty gritty of sofas and chairs.

According to Master Yong, a chair or a sofa is not merely a piece of furniture. A sofa is a haven for your body to relax and recharge. His passion is to engineer and design furniture with proper body ergonomics in mind that delivers utmost comfort and relaxation.

The Right Angle
Angles, Angles, Angles

Master Yong elaborated on this with passion as he explained the design principle behind a sofa. To the Master who has more than 20 years’ experience in furniture design, his emphasis is on the dimensions and angles of a sofa for maximum seating comfort taking into consideration factors such as the seat depth, the width, the back and the armrest for relaxed seating. With this in mind, the sofa is designed or custom made depending on the intended user’s size and shape, in accordance with individual preferences.

Ridicule is the Best Test of Truth

Highly regarded for his techniques and skills, Master Yong is passionate about his work and design which has influences from his shoe-making family background. What shoe making and furniture designing have in common is that both involve such skills as precision, detailed knowledge and great insight which reflects in his sofa designs.

Master Yong shared that there were times when his designs were received with resistance and even mockery. However, Master Yong who believes and has confidence in himself was not afraid of being the object of ridicule. Ultimately, he has survived and thrived, gaining support and recognition of his clients as he consistently delivering results that proved his abilities as a designer.

Standing Out from the Rest

Utilising his knowledge, experience and creativity, Master Yong designs with passion and ensures that his design stands out from the rest. He believes that each design is unique to the individual who creates it. “So design with taste and develop your own style so that your work is original and authentic, ” Master Yong reaffirmed with conviction as he reflected on his earlier experiences as a furniture designer.


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