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FIMA Carlo Frattini

Technology, design and high performance: FIMA Carlo Frattini is renowned in the industry spanning over 50 years in exceptional quality, long-lasting tap systems that enhances any design projects. Founded in 1960 by Carlo Frattini, FIMA stands for Fabbrica Italiana Miscelatori Accessori, Italian for Manufacturer of Mixer Taps, symbolic and seamlessly going hand in hand with the progress of interior design and bathroom furnishing. Strongly believing in the power of creativity, design and advanced technology, FIMA Carlo Frattini constantly implement innovation and development resulting in top quality production and design concepts with global excellence, technical support and collaboration. The production of FIMA is the synthesis of different elements : design, technology, innovation- almost an handcrafted product. Quality is highly emphasized as the common denominator, and that is how the range of Texture Collection speaks a language of perfection and realibility.


Menegello Paolelli Associati

From the very best designs in KBB industry, comes  Menegello Paolelli Associati designing since 2005, with distinguished recognition and awards from Red Dot Awards, Victoria + Albert and more. Sandro Meneghello and Marco Paolelli have worked together since university and their successful partnership comes from the the affinity for bathroom products at university during a washbasin design project. Both designers find the bathroom an exciting and interesting environment to work with , focusing on how products are associated from different perspective, whilst experimenting with plentiful choice of materials, shapes and objects.

Multi Tactility

The greatest expression in truly stylistic elements of texture, interchangeable grips, which you can create different identities, with a highly sought after contemporary taste for bathroom environments of great character. With intricate details, the version of washbasin Texture Collection is characterized by a system with three holes composed of two knobs cylindrical base which combine the linear stretches to more fluidity, and a rod rounded profiles seamlessly. At the heart of the project is the symbolic finish of the knobs available in three variants, with distinct three-dimensional surface texture  : (X) which Cross the naming reveals an elegant faceted surface, inspired by the precious stone diamond for sophisticated environments; (V) Vertical, distinguished by the geometric rigor of a polygon with 19 sides, (H) Horizontal, which offers a three-dimensional effect with horizontal stripes mood hi-tech.

A dedication to the touch, from tridimensional surface textures with geometric rigor into artisanal fittings. Setting the tempo higher is the personalization ensured by the possibility to choose from 6 different handle tops : chrome, white, black, white Carrara marble, black Portoro marble, and gold for original combinations of a new aesthetic and creative custom made. Iconic, Sensatory, and Visually Compelling.


The Spirit of Craftmanship

Texture Collection is a line 100% Made in Italy, as all production FIMA Carlo Frattini crafted from the highest quality materials ending up with meticulous attention to the aesthetic and functional details. With 72 possibilities of finishes and materials in the range, to match the most refined of taste and character. A classic example and tribute to artistic-centric fittings of the prodigious kind.

Atelier Fittings

Making a celebration of alluring fittings from multi award winning designs from FIMA Carlo Frattini collaborating with Meneghello Paolelli Associati, comes Texture Collection. Where design and luxury for endless possibility of customization interplays the spirit of design, TWC debuts the sophisticated line from FIMA Carlo Frattini’s 50 years of high quality design, the heart of richness in knobs finishings, perfect stylistic with softness exuding from Texture Collection’s range.


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