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Outstanding Flooring Provider

Simply Beautiful Surfaces with Meiko

Incorporated in 1973, Meiko (Penang) Sdn Bhd, is an established provider of resilient flooring products and decorative High Pressure Laminates (HPL) with its headquarters in Singapore. Meiko is also an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplier for a range of exclusive brands including ClickPro, a luxury vinyl flooring series. With over 40 years of experience in the vinyl flooring industry, Meiko’s passion is not only evident in their pursuit of superior quality, but also in their constant quest for improvement and innovation.

Meiko offers a wide range of flooring options including vinyl, carpet, timber and plank coverings that can be customised to create masterpiece floor works for commercial and residential surfaces.  Combining high aesthetics, quality and functionality, the company is able to provide products and services to meet a diverse range of needs including wholesale, contraction, designing, architectural, hospitality as well as those of the residential sectors. Meiko aspires to enhance living spaces by providing beautiful interior surfaces with sustainability in mind.

Vision & Mission

Meiko strives to delight customers with innovative products that deliver superior value. The commitment of quality product and professional services is the mission for now and in the future.   We are synonymous with aesthetics, quality, health and safety.


Love The Space You Live

The Very Best of Rhinofloor

Rhinofloor consistently creates and produces the best quality vinyl for your home. Specially curated in the UK, clients will be spoiled for choice by the wide collection of stunning designs ranging from wood and stones to tiles and mosaics. Rhinofloor has cleverly graded its ranges to help you find the right solution to suit any look or theme. Whatever your taste or budget may be, there is always something for you with Rhinofloor.

Meiko ClickPro – The Ultimate Flooring Solution

ClickPro is Meiko’s own line of luxury vinyl flooring product that does not need to be held in place with adhesive. Click-on vinyl flooring sustainable living concept is not only eco-friendly, but provides comfortable barefoot walking and is scratch resilient. ClickPro utilises advanced technology to ensure the quality, dimensional stability, safety and health of the user. It also guarantees longer lifecycle usage and lower maintenance cost in time to come.

ClickPro wood vinyl series offers the authentic look of wood that is textured to feel the same way as wood but does not make the sound of creaking wood. It is created with the elegant aesthetics of woodgrain and is a durable, termite-free and waterproof flooring solution.



Environmental Certification and Eco-Labelling

In addition, there are a number of environmental attributes that make ClickPro the eco-friendly choice. Without the use adhesive means that ClickPro is environmentally friendly as users can be assured of safer indoor air quality. ClickPro also does not emit phthalates, thus posing no threat of toxicity. In case the floor catches fire, it will not emit noxious fumes that will fill the air with harmful toxins.

ClickPro is leading the premium flooring trend by providing peace of mind for you and your family’s lifestyle.


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