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JIDA v.2 – VIP Message From Dr. Eric Leong


Message From Dr. Eric Leong

Celebrating 25 Bold & Stylish Years & 15 Years of Mentorship

This year (2016) I am celebrating my 25th anniversary in the Interior Design industry and also my 15th anniversary in Interior Design educations and mentorships. After ten years working in the industry, I decided to share my knowledge and started my master plan of creating the next generation of interior designers. I started to teach in Raffles International College as a part time lecturer, every week I spent 15 hours with the up-and-coming young designers.

Seven years later I joined The One Academy as the Head of Interior Architecture and Design School, where I was giving the authorization to design the course contents and also the curriculums. It’s crucial to teach and show the next generation of Interior Designers what are the right and good practices of our industry as this will not only could grow our industry but also can make our industry a more professional and trust worthy one.

Design refined our life

Will design refine our life?

Good design does improve our life, bad design don’t.

As an interior designer, does our design help to ease the occupant’s problem(s) or we just utilizing the spaces provided?

As a (good) interior designer, we are not only must be able to solve the space’s problem(s) or issue(s) but also must be able to create space(s) within a given space.

True design solves problem(s), this is not only applicable to interior design industry but also to other practices such as product design, which is including of furniture and lighting design. In today’s market place we can easily find bold and beautiful furniture and lighting pieces, does every pieces that you see in the market meet our requirements? Are they able to solve our (or our client’s) space problems?  Design Thinking based solution is the best solution for all the above.

In today’s competitive world not all designs are able to help to improve our life, designers who undertaking more projects than their abilities or capacities will produced “Fast-design” and “Duplication-design” which we will see the end result either lack of creativity or the space that does not reflect the owner(s) or the occupants life style. Giving the best solutions for the interior spaces and also provide the design solutions that reflects the occupants taste and life style are our main and most important tasks as an interior designer.

Does your design solve your client’s problems?

Dr. Eric Leong(DR.EL)
Arts | MIID A/16
Creative Director | Curator
Principal of The One Academy Penang
Head of Interior Architecture & Design School

Bold & Stylish
#MakeItBetter #LoveLifeLoveAll #DoGoodFeelGreat

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