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Going beyond bricks and mortar, Dynasty View Sdn Bhd integrates value and quality into the Seri Austin project creating a township that espouses healthy lifestyle and conducive living environment. This development has garnered substantial praise from the local authorities, non-governmental organisations, media and agencies alike recording remarkable sales performances and boasting an array of impressive accolades.



Over a span of four years between 2013 and 2016, Dynasty View has been honoured with over 51 awards, a great number of which are of great significance and prestige including the Asia Success International Awards, Asia Pacific Property Awards, Malaysian Property Press Awards, Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards and Nanyang Golden Eagle Awards, just to name a few.

In 2013, Dynasty View won 2 awards, whilst in 2014 a total of 21 awards were won, followed by another 21 in 2015 ranging from such categories as sustainability and green initiatives, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), business excellence as well as branding recognition. In 2016, it has added yet another 7 awards to its already impressive collection.

Awards for Healthy Living and Conducive Environment (2013-2015)

Dynasty View’s vision to integrate cutting edge features in enhancing healthy living for the Seri Austin community while maintaining environmental sustainability has hailed great success with many firsts being accomplished, as mentioned in the previous section. In addition to the list of ‘firsts’, Seri Austin has also been honoured with significant regional, national and international awards comprising the following categories:

  • Most Liveable, Modern Residential Enclave by Malaysian Reserve Property Press Award
  • Most Promising Smart Healthy City & Communities Township Concept by Malaysian Reserve Property Press Award
  • Conducive Living Township Award by Johor Bahru Municipal Council
  • Sustainable Healthy Community Township by Johor Bahru Municipal Council
  • Super Gold in Best Smart Healthy Township by Asia Success Awards
Awards for Green Initiatives (2013-2015)

Dynasty View’s commitment to healthy living as an integrated aspect of its mission is reflected through its development projects that provide features for green and conducive living. Hailed as the ‘most liveable modern residential enclave’, Seri Austin has been conferred the follwing honour exemplifying the company’s sustainability efforts and green living initiatives:

  • Super Green Technology by Asia Success Award
  • Best Green Township by Southeast Asia Property Awards
  • Green Township by ASEAN Outstanding Business Award
  • Global Best Brands in Green Initiative by Global Branding Awards
Business Excellence and Branding Recognition (2013-2015)

Driven by a commitment to building ‘simply better’ homes of good design and superior quality,  Dynasty View has garnered recognition as a trusted brand known for quality and innovation collecting a great number of highly commendable accolades including:

  • Asia Most Impactful Product Award
  • Asia Most Impactful Brand Award
  • Sin Chew Business Excellence Award for two consecutive years (2014 and 2015)
  • Eminent Eagle Award by Nanyang Golden Eagle Awards
  • Super Brand by Asia Success Award
  • 21st Century Prestigious Brand Award by Master Class in Township Development
  • Passion and Commitment Leadership Award by International Branding Showcase
  • Outstanding Asia Entrepreneur Leadership Award by MAWN
  • SME Sahabat Negara Award 2013, 2014 & 2015 by SMI Association of Malaysia

for its  dedication to the promotion and development of SME industries in the country

Awards for CSR Recognition (2013-2015)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is also an integral part of the company’s corporate strategy and mission as reflected in their practices in creating a caring and sharing culture by proactively contributing towards social causes. Among some of the awards and recognition won for its CSR initiatives and practices include:

  • CSR Excellence Award by Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards
  • CSR CEO of the Year by Asia Pacific CSR Awards
  • Special Recognition in CSR by Southeast Asia Property Awards
  • Iskandar Malaysia Social Hero CSR Award (for two consecutive years), by Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA), the only developer to have bestowed this honour
Awards for Individual Development Projects (2013-2015)

Added to its admirable list of achievements, Dynasty View has emerged as winners in various property award categories for their project quality and excellence, including:

  • Asia Pacific Property Awards for Development Marketing Malaysia
  • Asia Pacific Property Awards for Office Development Malaysia
  • Asia Pacific Property Awards for Leisure Development Malaysia
  • Asia Pacific Property Awards for The Luxury Apartment
  • Asia Pacific Property Awards for Best Property Single Unit (Ametrine Bungalow)
  • Asia Pacific Property Awards Property Single Unit
  • Asia Pacific Property Awards Residential Development
  • Southeast Asia Property Awards for Best Housing Development (South Malaysia)
  • Malaysian Property Press Awards as Winner of Best Township Project
  • Malaysian Property Press Awards as Winner of Most Luxurious Residential Project
Awards for Developer Recognition (2013-2015)

The success of Seri Austin reflects Dynasty View’s aspiration to emerge as a developer of distinction as it goes on to win awards and recognition as a distinguished player in the industry including:

  • Super Brand Award for the Best Innovation Property Township Developer in Iskandar Malaysia by Asia Success Awards
  • Best Developer by Southeast Asia Property Awards
  • Best Township Developer by Malaysian Reserve Property Press Readers Choice Award
  • Property Entrepreneur of The Year by Malaysian Property Press Awards
  • Property Icon of The Year by Selangor Excellence Business Awards
  • Sin Chew Property Excellence Award
Most recent list of awards in 2016
  • Prestigious Developer Awards 2016 – Top 10 Developer
  • Prestigious Developer Awards 2016 – Best Distinctive Lifestyle Township Development
  • Top 50 Enterprise Team Awards Malaysia 2016 – Platinum Award
  • Top 50 Enterprise Team Awards Malaysia 2016 – Green Apogee Award
  • Global Branding Awards 2016 – Global Lifetime Brands Icon in Property Development
  • Asia Pacific Top olden Brand Products Award 2016
  • CIDB Qlassic Top Quality Award 2016



FAME: Dream It, Make It, Win It.


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