Culture & Heritage JOHOR Malaysia


Hailed as the Southernmost Tip of Mainland Asia, Johor is fortunate to be blessed with a wide spectrum of unparallel tourists attractions. With its beautiful sandy beaches, enchanting islands, tropical rainforests, invigorating waterfalls and even natural phenomenon in the form of fireflies, Johor has it all to make your holiday an exciting and enjoyable adventure.

Johor is a golfer’s paradise with more than 20 golf courses to be challenged. And when it comes to shopping, Johor is a haven which offers everything for a bargain. For history lovers, walk into a time zone of heritage and visit the Sultan Ibrahim Building and the royal Museum. Watch and experience the Kuda Kepang and Zapin, Johor’s popular Malay dances.


Culture & Heritage JOHOR Malaysia

To appreciate the rich and diverse culture of Johor, you have to look into the customs and tradition,  lifestyle and beliefs of our people.  The handicrafts of the Johoreans are often another expression of this culture. The past of course influenced and shaped the culture of today. Therefore a look at the heritage of Johor will help to link the past and the present.

Though each race has its own festival, Johoreans (and Malaysians) respect and celebrate them together in the spirit of muhibbah (racial assimilation). The main festivals are Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Vasakhi and Christmas.

Among the traditional Malay music is Ghazal. It was believed that Ghazal was introduced by the Indian Armed Forces around the 1920s. It is played with several musical instruments, including the harmonium, violin, gambus, guitar, tabla and maracas.

Kuda Kepang and Zapin are among the more popular traditional Malay dances in Johor. Kuda kepang is a term used to symbolize horse-riding ritual. The dance was believed to come from Java for the propagation of Islam in the 15th century by re-enacting the courage of Islamic warriors. Dramatic and hypnotic, Kuda Kepang is today developed as a traditional dance to promote the cultural heritage of Johor.A_culturev1_4

Zapin is a beautiful and graceful traditional Malay dance and is very popular in Johor. Generally believed to have originated from Arab. Zapin is often performed in groups in sequential and orderly movements that are associated with birds. Thus, a large space is required to bring out the best of Zapin. It has become a major attraction in official functions as well as fiesta, wedding reception and other ceremonies.

Johoreans, especially the rural folks engage in various craft-making for hobby or living. Some of these crafts are delicate and require skills and perserverence to complete. These crafts such as batik painting, wood  carvings, weavings, copper calligraphy, pewter wares, keris and the production of traditional Malay musical instruments for example kompang and jidor.

The heritage of Johor is fascinatingly varied. The royal mausoleum and the tombs of rulers and dignitaries in the early history of Johor Sultanate help to shed light on the roles and influences of these rulers and dignitaries.

The various historicak buildings, sites and relics are reminiscence of past values and glories or war and tragedies that besieged Johor. The museum display past achievements and events with vivid anecdotes.


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