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ECOLIFE CHALLENGE (IMELC) 2018 Reached 400 Schools And 40,000 Students

Iskandar Malaysia Is On Track To Achieve RM383 Billion Target By 2025

Wealth Never Survives Three Generations ‘Fu bu guo san dai’ or ‘Wealth never survives three generations’, as the Chinese saying

Iskandar Malaysia officially launched in 2006, covers an area of 2,217 square kilometers (roughly three times the size of Singapore).

With the slowdown of the global economy and convolution of our own nation’s problems, the attraction of Iskandar Malaysia was

Tell us more about Medini Iskandar Malaysia’s role as a master developer, and what makes Medini Iskandar a livable future

KGV International Property Consultants ( KGV) started its operation in 1974 in Kuala Lumpur. It was then known as KGV